Ti.me to say Merry Christmas!

Hello all

First, the management and staff of thewritestuffmedia.com (err, that would be me) wish everyone a great, safe and happy festive season.
And now for a shameless plug – if you are looking for a great post-Christmas present, why not buy someone a copy of the great new magazine Wat.ch that I have edited/written for… the Wat.ch team (Crystal, Tineke, Troy, Marnie, Sophia and Andrew especially) have done an amazing job getting this together.
The cover blows away any other magazine on watches I have seen and inside are 328 pages of informative, fun content with some great visuals – check out the spectacular photo shoot (and not necessarily the watches).
I, and my fellow “Wallas”, are also hot on the marketing/sales trail for our great new book Sarogini’s Sri Lanka Food, which is garnering some fantastic feedback (pun intended).
Delicious food and fantastic watches – what more could you want?!

Till next time
Norman Burns


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