Olympic memories

Time to reflect on 2012.
A 12-week contract working with the London Olympic/Paralympic News Service was great, thanks to a thoroughly professional team and London put on a fantastic show. The Paralympics were a highlight and set a new standard that Rio 2016 will have to work hard to match. The sport transcended the athletes’ physical and/or mental impairment and Channel 4’s coverage was superb. Viewers tuned in by the million and advertisers/sponsors that had the vision to back the event got great coverage. Now if only the USA could cotton on to the fact that “disabled” sport can be every bit – and in some cases more so – as exciting and tension-filled as “able bodied” sport.
I took a break from filing any watch articles while away but watch out, www.thewritestuffmedia.com will be going all guns blazing for 2013 with some exciting opportunities on the horizon.
Designer Cally Browning and ace food snapper Craig Kinder have done a power of work on Sarogini’s Sri Lankan Food cookbook project and I need to get cracking on the words.
Ocean Magazine’s November issue features my article on the retro-trend in watches.
Always on the lookout, too, for more work…
I can be contacted on norman@normanburns.com or on +61 11 439 424 185.

best wishes
Norman Burns

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