New frontiers

Well, as Voyager 1 – at 10 miles a second – leaves the heliosphere (the influence of the Sun) and heads off into interstellar space, so it is time for new frontiers at
Firstly I’m proud to be involved as editor/writer/co-ordinator with a great new publication, Annual, out of the Box Magazine stable.
Aiming for a pre-Christmas launch throughout Australia for this one!
Also, and it’s taken a while, the great new cookbook I’ve been helping get off the ground – Sarogini’s Sri Lankan Food – is at the printer.
Looking forward to launching this and getting out to the world before Christmas.
And last, but by no means least, the superbly talented Matt Leigh has tweaked my write stuff logo and come up with a fantastic design that will, soon, grace my biz cards and more.
So, as Al Shepard memorably said, let’s light this candle!

NormanTheWriteStuff_2 copy 2


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