Food, glorious food….and cool watches

What, two blogs within the space of a couple of weeks?


First up, although it has been s-l-o-w going for the past year or two, myself and the “three Wallas” – Sarogini Kamalanathan, ace food snapper Craig Kinder and designer par excellence Cally Browning are now ramping up the work to get Sarogini’s Sri Lanka Food cookbook out.

We will be co-opting some food professionals as well and are really looking forward to getting what is a great, practical and beautiful (thanks for the pix Craig) cookbook out onto the market.
And while it features some truly superb images (many taken during our road trip to Sri Lanka) we want this book to become a curry-splattered, dog-eared kitchen favourite that will really bring the “wow” factor to the dinner table, be it for a family occasion or entertaining visitors.

So stay tuned!

On a completely different matter – beautiful watches – the first rule when buying anything over the Internet is caveat emptor (let the buyer beware) but I can report a recent purchase from Melbourne watch dealer went through seamlessly.

I picked up, for an excellent price, an as-new Eterna Monterey GMT, mechanical movement with second time zone and date display. Swiss made and runs like a charm.
So thanks to Sarah at

If you are in Melbourne check out their shop in the magnificent Block Arcade in town.




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